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Academic Cirriculum

Cambridge Public School Ranebennur has programmed a diverse and specialized curriculum, which helps the child to develop critical Thinking and problem solving. Innovations are encouraged for an effective symbiotic relationship teaching and learning to help imbibe the different perspectives within each subject area.  Students are active participants in learning as their Learning is linked to their life outside the school.  


  Our school Montessori class room seems to be a 'Childrens' Palace " with many more attractive equipments for kids to enjoy . We follow a    Multi-Sensory approach & the Play -Way method. The prepared Montessori Environment enables children to work with freedom with specific material for specific concept. The sensory materials helps them distinguish , categorise  & become  aware of  physical properties of matter around them like dimensions , colour ,texture & shapes .Individual & social development is fostered by each child.


  The Kindergarten class is a dynamic environment in which  we see significant developments in physical,emotional & intellectual growth . These are the Foundation  Years during which early linguistic & arithmetic basics ,scope for cretivity play and expression physical fitness and constructive socialization are stressed upon to build childhood competencies. Students of Kindergarten  develop fine motor skills ,auditory visual discrimination,hand-eye co-ordination ,one-to-one correspondence & logical thinking. Interesting writing activities are given to enhance their observation skills ,quantitative analysis & sequencing.


As the students move through the  Primar y School we begin to introduce them progressively to the world  of integrated  knowledge, while particularly strengthing their aptitude in core  studies of English ,Mathematics and Environmental studies. This is a time of multi dimensional learning. A wide range of classroom activities are used as a stimuli for reading & writing. From class 1 our students are introduced to the study of computers,appreciating that computer literacy is essential in a modern  world. We have introduced Aptitude as an subject from class 1 on wards. It helps the learner in quick decision making & improving his mental ability .It further helps in establishing logical and analytical relationship & to arrive at the correct solution.